My Thoughts On There Will Be Blood Part II

Director Anderson tells Daniel, who embezzled most of the wealth within the region and provided aid to the people of the region at a really low level compared to what he earned, but showed these small aids as services in an exceedingly fancy way and earned the naive sympathy of the local people, as a matter of fact, he didn’t care about the labor-value ratio, shows that he sticks the outline of the capitalist system that exploits humanity. (Paying asphalt on the road resulting in the church, giving the rig Mary, named after the daughter of the Sunday family, whose land she bought it from) On the opposite hand, the young and overzealous priest Eli tracks both money and reputation. Eli’s path is different from Daniel’s, however. Daniel could be a saint who has chosen business exploitation, while Eli could be a false prophet who has chosen spiritual exploitation. Eli Sunday, who dragged the diseases and sins of the people of the town faraway from the church, asked Mr. Painview to try to to things to extend his reputation in addition as money. The common feature of both characters is undoubtedly their oratory skills.

Daniel and Eli, whose persuasiveness is big after all, the truth of seemingly distant phenomena is that the relationship between capitalism and God. so as to administer the workers spiritual strength, he showed Eli Sunday as an acquaintance to him, and also attributed a blessed purpose to his work by using the ability of faith. it’s very clear that Daniel symbolizes capitalism in terms of his constant desire to profit and also the worthlessness he gives to people. Eli Sunday, who must work for the following world, is that the true face of the facility of faith, both within the past and within the present. Not seeing the rent relationship between these two phenomena, which cause the identical end, is that the agricultural classes are left behind, they’re deceived with different promises and that they adopt the thought of ​​being content with little. Albert Camus, who was ready to announce themselves as prophets and saints with the support that didn’t seem to support one another, said: “If there was no God, could an individual be a saint; this is often the sole sincere problem that i do know of today.” he said.

As the years progress within the film, Daniel is getting richer and beating all his rivals. Intoxicated by the facility of cash, Mr. Plainview finds himself in an exceedingly state of desolation and desolation. Because his cognitive world is in shambles, he has given thanks to insanity rather than apathy. He has achieved everything he wanted in life, but he’s alone. Towards the tip of the movie, he clearly shows that he has no human value anymore in his scene with both his son HW and also the priest Eli. The sweet father-son relationship, which is fake, has ended, and alienation has taken its place.
At the top of the movie, Daniel, who has completed his mission and is near to die, makes Eli shout to his visitor that there’s no god, and therefore the message that both of them have passed is a crucial scene that offers the audience the hope that the capitalism-god order can change.

There Will Be Blood may be a film that delves into the foundations of our plundered world and our try to suspire a rotten system. Director P.T. We see that Anderson doesn’t use the stereotyped system critique or dialectic while happening to those foundations. While planning to the bottom, Anderson criticizes the order not over institutionalism, but over the human phenomenon and therefore the radicalization of human emotions. Because a straightforward economic and sociological criticism will be made in an exceedingly stereotypical way by hitting the system mistakes in our face, but the director is at now, the emotions (apathy) and inner worlds of the folks that created this technique implies that their endless greed, ambition, desire to win and their desire to bring down their competitors. stands thereon. The religious structures and communities that appear to fight spiritually in our world, but are in pursuit of order and fill their hearts, aren’t essentially different from states and firms fighting for oil; states that their sole purpose is to earn money and respect. However, during this order supported error, the very fact that the one who climbed to the highest of the pyramid couldn’t see that the foremost important thing they’d, that is, their life was destroyed and what they sacrificed from their environment, as i discussed at the start, so as to achieve that power and prestige, it seems that it’ll remain as a reality directed at us for several years to come back.

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