Once Upon A Time In West 2 Review Part 2

For more information about this sequence, see Martin Eden. for instance, Leone quoted a detail from a book to a movie. When Ruth left cherry stains on her lips, Martin Eden was suddenly moved and united by the divine love. At that moment, he understood that he was also a personality’s being, a body of flesh and blood, and also carnal. He felt in his heart that the magic of idealism had been broken. within the film, within the scene of the interview before the robbery, the girl Juan has sex within the car eating cherries, and within the foreground we see cherry stains on her lips.
speak about Juan’s animality while he eats. Jack London wrote that Martin Eden first learned the reality when he was grazing with Ruth’s family: “He realized for the primary time that eating isn’t just useful work. Usually he doesn’t know what he’s eating. Eating it’s food. On this beautiful table, satisfy your love of beauty. “(No. 17)

The conflict to think about here is that feeding and eating aren’t the identical action. One is to satisfy needs and therefore the other is to satisfy moral and aesthetic needs that transcend basic needs. Animals fill their stomachs and eating God’s collected people. ”In Leone’s opinion, he uses extreme close-ups of his mouth to point out the eating kind of these higher-level people, which isn’t any different from lower-level employees. Leone gave the impression to mock these nobles. What happens within the frame is that nutrients enter through the mouth and are ground under the support of the teeth. This process is only physical, not supernatural during this movement. we might say that the sole difference is that the shiny white teeth, if not because Juan’s teeth are whiter and healthier than theirs.

Especially Leon’s every move, all the comedies are exposed. A nobleman took an extreme close-up of his mouth while eating. The character was yelling “animal!” In Lyon’s novel, the item of this animal phrase is that the speaker himself, not John.
Another question to consider is that Juan is thereupon woman. Why does Juan want to be therewith woman? When it involves this question, we are able to also ask ourselves: Why did Martin Eden fall dotty with Ruth and love her?
When having dinner with Ruth’s family, Martin Eden had a concept in his mind: “It appears within the sort of wine. this is often an adventure, associated with the top and hands, and a world to be conquered; a plan appeared in his consciousness: conquer, conquer the lilac soul sitting next to him and conquer her” (pages 21-22).

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