Once Upon A Time In West 2 Review Part 5

We first saw his fracture in John’s conversation with Dr. Villega. Colonel Gunther Ruiz and his assistant followed the Revolutionary Convoy. Dr. Villega, the coordinator of the revolutionaries, planned to cover within the cave. On the opposite hand, John has the other interest: “You can hide within the storeroom and daydream and need to pee on the wall.” “There is not any such thing as everyone must fight,” Villega said. Organization, someone must organize people.” State your argument. John and Juan decided to remain and set a trap for the soldiers. during this scene, we see that John chose to measure, he chose vitality, and he chose action.

within the continuation of the sequence, we see the caravan hidden within the cave being killed. actuality supporters of the revolution were slaughtered by soldiers and piled aside within the variety of products. Including John’s six sons. John blames God and expresses his anger towards God by pulling off his cross. He couldn’t control his emotions and faced the soldiers outside. On the opposite hand, John acted rationally, claimed it made no sense, and stayed with it. Juan started fighting outside the cave. We hear shots one by one. it’ll be delivered in an exceedingly short time, Juan. During the shooting, Leone placed his camera on the randomly stacked dead on the bottom. This movement lasted an extended time. The camera trip resulted in the lifeless eyes of Chu Luo, Juan’s youngest son. John’s behavior is smart throughout the scene. It’s sort of a patient knows everything. He checked out the deceased’s eyes and asked. Originally Leoni asked, what else could he do besides killing?

Then we saw that Dr. Villega, who was rescued alive, betrayed his revolutionary comrades through torture. They were assassinated on a rainy night, a more important figure within the revolution. John is that the witness of all this. ranging from Juan’s monologue about the revolution, the film advances in John’s consciousness. His eyes are essential to the camera. He alone remembers everything that happened. the ability is there.
Now it’s necessary to contact me on some extent that i’ll speak about within the future. This trilogy contains a common plot. one among the most characters within the movie remembers his past people or actions. From the attitude of the person holding the harmonica, we saw Frank’s impression of the incident he wanted revenge 3 times. The meaning of this moment to the audience becomes clear at the top of the film. He fully understands the American “Once Upon a Time Noodles.” Let’s take a glance at those moments he remembers. within the past, memory consciousness was John’s consciousness. it absolutely was John, not Juan, who brought awareness to the film. The director relies on John’s point of view. Martin Eden during this movie is John.

John has the clarity of Martin Eden. he’s disconnected from the natural lifetime of the social class. Understand that when it involves upper-class cultural life, the sole valid rules above are clumsiness and hypocrisy. He didn’t come from the social class within the sort of Martin Eden, but by descending into the class, he made a breakthrough in his vision of the social class. the most tragedy of the 2 is that they can not belong to either the social class or the social class. The hypocrisy and clumsiness of the social class disliked them. But this exclusion isn’t geared toward the lower classes, although the lower classes are sincere and lively, they appear sort of a chicken thief. There are more important truths in life, but they do not understand it. Like Martin Eden, he committed suicide and John was injured due to this film.

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