Once Upon A Time In West 2 Review Part 6

The fact that there are memories of John’s heart during this film, John contributes to the actual fact that he killed his friend, not for this act, but by his passion (the purpose of his desire) may be a woman supported the memory shown . To the us first for the aim of our Dr. Villega, he identifies him as a lover of John Mated. he’s a bomb that was loaded on the train, I understand that he knows everything from John’s attitude towards the trains of the soldiers who come to the toilet trains. GA said it because she did this, so she said well, she says she will be able to not do the rest. he’s angry that he was angry with John and declaring him. Juan says: “When i started to use dynamite, I believed many things. Finally, I believed in Dynamita. I don’t judge you., Villega. John not has a perfect approach to the Revolution. The progress isn’t any longer better, more beautiful and mentally developed In his eyes

. He used the dynamite for the revolution before the revolution. The word of the primary Maopusu East of the film was significant for him, he could kill for the revolution. But he’s not for an idealistic approach to the revolution, but when he kills the buddies of him for cultural reasons, which suggests natural motivation for the motivation of the body, the beliefs of him are going to be lost against the mastery of culture. He failed to kill the revolution, he was actually murdered by power for girls. The chicken thief isn’t quite the person he says. However, he could accept that he was a chicken thief, he didn’t give respect. To Juan’s monkey record. John’s lighting shows John, which he can provide knowledge, empirical knowledge, knowledge of life. He indicates that he’s derived from knowledge of data. Now, he accepts a predominant reality and only has Dinamite for keeps. Only movement is crucial for all times. it’s the impulse of the dominated body.

Let’s return to Virga and John’s conversation. When Villega explains the matter with John, he exactly “stop playing. does one know everything, it’s like that? You felt and guessed it. “The answer of John`s is intelligently with a script:” It’s easier than that. it’s easier. This answer will continue. “I’m gazing it, so let’s try it now. I sent me. it’s natural to evaluate. Are you aimed at? Are you convinced that you simply are talking about? i used to be convinced. But I spoke. Some died on behalf of me. So, I swiss? Why is that? Death is dead. But i’ve got changed. I still believe the identical. I can still serve this cause. “The doctor has experienced his knowledge empirically by observation, but John thought that his knowledge was won by the Spirit and guessed by a spiritual process feeling and guessing.” Reading a book “Man believes that he was acquired through a posh process , he doesn’t believe it’s easy. Ideally, he’s convinced that he doesn’t speak beforehand. His mental and cultural knowledge is during this direction. However, the pain of the body has overcome the center. Besides that, he says he can still serve the revolution when it’s full. He treats him as animals, they’re animals, he’s curious about his passion and pain, he tries to control him with pompous words. However, he himself behaved as an occasional class (if we asked Villega, he probably said that he was a coffee class plotter who could be a low class who is frightened of pain or betrayal). of these interactions are geared toward the most discussions of the most debate of the entire body, natural victory.

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