The Pianist Movie Review Part 2

“The one that thinks is conscientious.” says Hannah Arendth within the Banality of Evil; Eichmann, Josef Mengele, and Klaus Barbie, who had committed crimes against humanity before and through the globe War II, described them as people that “stopped thinking rather than without conscience” and also the decision of the superiors, who shaped the state mechanism per their own wishes, to create them believe that crimes in a very country aren’t against the order over time, to legitimize bad acts, He said that it’s considered normal by all people who don’t think. the actual fact that Hannah Arendth, who successfully conveyed true of the ordinaryization of those evil crimes to the planet, describes what happened within the war II because the most painful and ignores the massacres and genocides experienced by people in numerous corners of the planet whose suffering couldn’t be reflected on the massive screen, shows how unfair the globe is. an indication of pain. because of the shortage of interest and support, Hannah Arendth couldn’t be i believe that there are dozens of thinkers who couldn’t make the planet public hear or accept the genocides that were committed, which every reasonable man can guess.

Polanski could be a director with a special status when it involves impressiveness, imprinting in our consciousness the very fact that art distances people from death in two senses. The carefully selected compositions within the film are important in this they not only put the audience during a different mood, but also make them feel the shake off pain to happiness. within the Pianist, which deals with the dark side of the globe, Polanski is really not from Szpilman’s autobiography; he also benefited from his own experiences, therefore the director is someone who experienced the globe War II by living within the ghetto. From now of view, it are often better understood why Polanski, who was able to shake off the Krakow Ghetto in 1943, directed a successful and cult film rather than a normal holocaust film.

Adrien Brody mustn’t be overlooked. Brody, who was able to reflect his talent, which pushed the boundaries of acting, within the Pianist, won the most effective Male Academy Award for this role. Adrien Brody, who brought Wladyslaw Szpilman to the cinema, received piano training for this film and played some compositions himself.

In Pianist, it’s necessary to know what the truth that’s expressed and wanted to tend is very than character analysis. Saying that the unbearable isn’t the globe but men, Kafka also shows us what we’d like to mend. Man becomes human and tolerable when he realizes that each person is equal and human. After this, the phenomenon of hatred, which we call the dark side of the globe, disappears and great disasters don’t occur.

“We grow through all the suffering of the globe we board.” As Kafka said, we are literally people living within the same boat and civilizing together within the face of evil. Leading from several important films that deeply affected my perspective, The Pianist may be a masterpiece that each person should watch.

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